Featured In-Store Specials
March 23, 2020

USDA Choice & Prime Beef

Chuck Roast $4.99 lb.
Cube Steak $4.99 lb.
New York Strip Steaks $9.29 lb.

Premium Pork

Loin End Pork Roast $2.99 lb.
All Pork City Chicken $3.69 lb.
Stuffed Boneless Pork Chops $3.69 lb.

Miller’s Naturally Raised Fresh Amish Chicken

Legs & Thigh Quarters $2.29 lb.

From the Deli

Co Jack Cheese $4.19 lb.
Carle's Creamy Fruit $3.29 lb.
Eckrich Beef Bologna $5.79 lb.


Yellow-Fin Ahi Tuna Steak 13oz $9.99



Daily Deli Menu


Brickman's Honey Smoked Turkey $6.99 lb.

 And other GREAT in-store specials!

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